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Terms & Conditions

All Terms and Conditions are assumed to be read and accepted at the time a deposit has been made. Dolphin Spas wished to advise customers that fail read these terms prior to deposit automatically assumes full acceptance and any claims for cancellations will be subject to the terms set out in this policy. 


Website Prices and descriptions are subject to change without notice.



All orders placed online via the website or over the telephone require a deposit of 30% of the total order value once the order is confirmed. All final payments must be paid and cleared 7 days after the date of order or when the order in confirmed.

Payments can be made by Direct Deposit, Bank Cheque, Cash, or Visa or MasterCard Credit Card & American Express credit card payments and PayPal payments are accepted however there is a 2.5% surcharge added to the transaction.

All Prices advertised pricing throughout the website or discounted Spas and Swim Spas must be paid within 7 days of the invoice date. Failure to settle the invoice will incur a surcharge of 25% of the total invoice unless agreed in writing prior to the order been placed. Discounted prices are shown across this website and the RRP is crossed out.


All PayPal online orders placed online do not include delivery to the purchaser. All online orders placed through this website are collection items only from the Sydney warehouse address. All PayPal online orders must be collected from the Sydney warehouse only.


Special custom orders take 26 weeks from the date of purchase. Special offers and Swim Spa orders take upto 18 weeks unless advised otherwise.


The delivery times provided by Dolphin Spas and/or Sunseal Garden Spas Pty Ltd are estimates only. Sunseal Garden Spas Pty Ltd will not be held accountable for late deliveries or loss or damage relating to late deliveries. In the event that multiple items are ordered, part deliveries may be made where stock is not available. All reasonable attempts to notify you will be made using the details you provided.


Please ensure you enter the correct delivery address. Southwest Spas can not be held responsible for incorrectly entered delivery addresses. All swim spas or special orders and can take up to 14 weeks from the date of order to the final arrival into the warehouse. All items dispatched from our warehouse are inspected prior to loading. We do not offer transit insurance.


Once the product is available at the warehouse you are required to collect the item within 7 days. In the event this does not happen there is a storage charge added to the account. Storage of a spa is $5.00 per day. Storage of a swim spa $10.00 per day or per items stored. All deliveries and completed by a third party delivery company. Dolphin Spas/ Sunseal Garden Spas Pty Ltd are not responsible for delays regarding delivery.


Note there is no transit insurance. All delivery fees must be paid directly to the delivery company. In the event the delivery fee has been paid direct to the company it is noted by the purchaser that Sunseal Garden Spas Pty Ltd take no responsibility for delays or delivery damages.


The Company does not carry out the deliveries for spas or swim spas. The sale of a spa or swim is sold on the basis of a supply and collect basis only from the nominated warehouse. In the event the spa is damaged due to delivery it will not be the responsibility of the company to arrange to fix or repair the issue. Any repairs or issues must be taken up with the delivery company or transport company employed by the client. In the event the payment for delivery is paid to the company this does not constitute a contract for a delivery.


By arranging delivery of a spa or swim spa with the company does not mean we have a contract for delivery. The delivery is between the client and the delivery company only and has nothing to do with the spa purchase. All spa delivered must comply with local Pool regulations in each state.


It is the responsibility of the purchaser to organise the correct fencing. In the event the ordered is cancelled by the purchaser, please refer to cancellation policy. PLEASE NOTE: It is up to the customer to dispose of any packing materials upon delivery of your spa or swim spa. Delivery drivers or companies will not take any rubbish away.




In the event of cancellation after the order is placed we charge 50% of the total invoice price if the order is allowed to be cancelled. If the Order is cancelled all refunds will be refunded in 60 days from the final date of requesting cancellation. All cancellations must be in writing only to Once the cancellation is accepted the refund will be issued less our costs.



As of 18/06/2018, Sunseal Garden Spas Pty Ltd offers a 12 month limited labour warranty from the date of delivery. All issues must be reported to us via our support page and include the serial number, invoice number and full contact details. In order to make a valid claim under the parts & labour warranty you must first register your warranty within 14 days of delivery. Customer who have failed to do so may have their claim refused.


In the event that a service call is deemed to be "user error" or could have be managed by the purchaser,  an administration charge of $150 Plus GST will apply to cover the cost of the call out. 


The 12 month limited labour warranty applies to products delivered within a 50 km round trip from our Depots. In the event the kilometres  are over this a charge of $2.00 per km is applicable. Sunseal Garden Spas Pty Ltd will only cover Labour call out fees to the value of $150 Inc GST, and is only payable once during a 12 month period. 


Customers can elect to use their own service technician at their own expense, or Sunseal Garden Spas Pty Ltd can arrange one outside of the warranty period at a cost of $150 Plus GST,  for the first hour & $50 Plus GST per 15 Minutes thereafter.   

The labour warranty applies to orders valued over $7000 inc GST.


We offer a full 24 month replacement parts only warranty from the date of delivery. Any issues must be reported within this period for issues to be claimed under this warranty from the company. In the event the issue is reported after this period all parts will be payable by clients. The parts warranty can be extended if required. To claim under the parts warranty you must register one ticket at


We offer an extended parts warranty up to 24 months from the date of purchase. The offer of this extended parts warranty is subject to all balances been paid in full on time, and all other terms and conditions being met. Unresolved Warranty or Delivery issues. - please only send these through the offical company website. The Extended warranty does not Include filters , head rests, DVD Player , Or TVs. 

Warranty on DVD players, TVs & radios and remotes. The warranty is parts only. The warranty does not include the set up of the TV. To receive local TV channels or radio channels you will need to add a digital set top box and antenna which is NOT included.



The spa or swim spa should not be left outside in direct sunlight uncovered with NO water. In the event the acrylic surface becomes blistered due to the above it will void the warranty on the acrylic. In the event the spa is delivered with surface acrylic blistering, and has been reported to us via,  it will be replaced within 90 days. Excluding delivery and set up costs. Note we do not offer transit insurance. 



Sunseal Garden Spas Pty Ltd offers a 12 months warranty on all Heat Pumps Sold, via our website or retail stores. Spas Direct may choose to repair or replace faulty components at its discretion. Spas Direct may require customer to send Heat Pump to one of our many depots location across the country.


Customers are responsible for any transportation costs incurred in returning the unit for assessment. Sunseal Garden Spas Pty Ltd is not liable for any electrical costs associated with disconnecting the unit or reconnection it upon its repair. Spas Direct may also choose to replace the faulty Heat Pump upon the return of the faulty unit first and only once it has been assessed by one of our technicians. 

Sunseal Garden Spas Pty Ltd reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions without prior notice. Please ensure you register your warranty within 14 days of receiving your goods in order for this warranty to be valid. 

Please note that Sunseal Garden Spas Pty Ltd does not offer any Warranty to items provide via our FREE Giveaways, FREE Promotions or competitions. Customer can choose to purchase a Standard Warranty for valid for 12 months at the time of Promotion at the cost of $990.00. Customers who choose not to purchase this will be unable to lodge a claim for any repairs, replacements, or any further claims. 


These are only offered on Payment in full 7 days after the order is placed. Special offer discounted prices are shown in red throughout the website. These prices exclude interest free finance. All invoices must be paid within 7 days.


Sunseal Garden Spas Pty Ltd offers customers finance via our friends at Zip Money. Spas purchased on a Payment Plan are available at the regular prices shown throughout the website. Payment Plans are not available on discounted Sale Offers & is NOT applicable to prices shown in red unless otherwise stated. 


Selected spas can be placed on Lay-by for a period up to 6 months from the date of purchase. You can choose your deposit and the frequency of you repayments either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The minimum deposit required to start a Lay-by agreement is 15% of the total purchase price, followed by equal repayments for the period of the Lay-by term.


All payments on the Lay-by payments are to be made via credit card through PayPal or by registering your credit card directly with our accounts team. You do not need a PayPal account to set this up. If the Lay-by agreement is terminated by the client, a termination fee of 50% of the total invoice amount is applicable. This amount will be deducted from the amount paid and a refund will be issued with 60 days. In the event the the amount paid is less than 50% to purchasers will have the make the payment to cover the difference.


All Payments within the Lay-by period must be paid in full. There is a one off admin fee to set up the Lay-by agreement of $99.00. Once the final payment has been made the spa the spa will be ordered if it is not already in stock, please note that at times a wait period or up-to 12 weeks may apply.

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