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Add this Hybrid 9.5 KW heat pump to your order and save more than 70% on your heating bill, saving you time and money at the same time. 


Additional Information 

Input power - 1950w, 15A, 230v single phase

Output power: 9500w , 9.5KW 

Rated heating - 9500w,

Heating mode range 10-40 degrees C (The heat pump will also operate effectively in low temperatures.)

40mm / 1.5" plumbing connection - requires minimum flow of 36 litres per minute. 

1 Meter clear area is required around the heat pump for air flow.

Dimensions - 955mm x 305mm x 550mm high, 42kg.





Dolphin Hybrid 9.5 KW External Heat Pump

SKU: hea
$3,990.00 Regular Price
$1,596.00Sale Price
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